Custom Software Development

Delivering high-quality solutions within scope and time


We don’t solely focus on providing you a solution to a problem or situation: we analyse and understand your business holistically in order to offer you the best technological answer. Our staff has broad experience and certifications in each area of expertise. At 3XM Group you will find a company dedicated to best practices and methodologies.


At 3XM we implement innovative software solutions with cutting-edge technologies. In addition, we provide you not just an experienced professional in a specific technology, but also an entire team of experts in many different fields to back them up. 3XMers are closely supported by the Quality Team who apply the ISO 9001:2015 framework in which we are certified.

Custom software development

Custom software development

Whether you are creating your product from scratch, re-engineering to update your technology stack, enhancing your systems, developing a web, desktop or mobile application or maintaining your solutions, our experts can provide you with the right tools, technologies and expertise to develop and implement innovative software solutions.

Custom software development

Data Analytics & Big Data

Our Data experts extract, transform, and load your data into a consolidated data lake in the cloud or on-prem. They batch and analyze your data in real time to produce actionable insights through predictive analytics and machine learning, making business transformation a reality.

Custom software development

API development & integration

As our clients expect their applications to be robust and interact effectively with other applications, developing and integrating with APIs becomes a key factor to master. Implementation and integration with APIs combined with scripting and automation practices allow our clients speeding up development time and cutting down costs.

Custom software development


Each industry has different security profiles and risks. We offer solutions for security risk mitigation in cloud infrastructures and applications, improving environment visibility and enhancing workload risk administration. We assist you in dealing with cloud and application security so you can focus on expanding your business.

Some of our technologies

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