Spinakr Solutions has built a mobile workforce software product, Reef Knot (TM) that is hosted in an AWS cloud infrastructure. In order to assist Spinakr with providing their clients and prospects with the most flexible and scalable capabilities, Reef Knot (TM) needed the infrastructure to be able to turn on and off quickly and automatically, as well as to have redundant environments to support testing and up-time requirements.

3XM has had a long-term relationship with Spinakr, and we are well acquainted with their product, since part of our team assisted in the development of Reef Knot (TM). Given that they knew our technical capabilities and the trust and on-going relationship between Spinakr and 3XM, they contacted us to assist again in providing a quick solution.


3XM assisted with configuration of a cloud automation process for the launch and termination of AWS instances using infrastructure-as-code. Reef Knot (TM) was not implemented in a 100% parameterizable way to support infrastructure automation, so slight changes were required and implemented with no additional cost to Spinakr.

To establish a consistent, secure, and automated way to build, package, test, and deploy both the infrastructure and the solution code, we designed and implemented a CI/CD process between GitHub and AWS that can be run independently by Spinakr.

The high-level architecture of the solution is the following:


The solution provided by 3XM Group allowed Spinakr to quickly and easily deploy instances of the product on demand, in one click and provided them with the ability to maximize the performance and need for resources in AWS.  This allow Spinakr to better manage demand for the application and to minimize unnecessary costs. Also, it allowed Spinakr to streamline the deployment of any changes made to the application’s source code in the instances that had already been created.


NET Core
  • CloudFormation
  • CodeDeploy
  • Lambdas
  • API Gateway
  • RDS
  • S3
  • Route 53
  • CloudWatch
Postman Collections