Our client is an important healthcare company, responsible for providing high-quality medical products, unsurpassed customer services and assistance in home health treatments across the USA. Their clients were managing their profiles, viewing their service history, appointments, alerts and servicing locations through the client’s website.

They understood that it was an important and strategic step for the company to expand this web application to the mobile world, building their own app for iOS and Android and publishing it in Google Play and Apple Store. To do this, they decided to contact 3XM Group, trusting in our expertise in order to analyze different alternatives and work together in the design and development of a mobile application that would allow their users to get the information they need from anywhere.


3XM Group put together a multi-skilled team to take over this project. First, we defined and agreed on a plan to achieve the project’s goals. The resulting plan was divided into two phases: 

The first one was executed by a UI/UX designer who was tasked with the re-design and adaptation of the web functionality for mobile devices, following the best practices for UI/UX and also meeting requirements and standards recommended by Google and Apple to ensure its positioning in both marketplaces. The final mockups were validated with the client using Adobe XD.

Once these mocks were approved, the team moved on to the next phase: build and test the mobile app. Existing APIs used by the website in production were leveraged by the new client app, which was developed using React Native. Other frameworks were analyzed, such as Cordova or Xamarin, but since the web app was built in ReactJS, the team took the advantage of reusing some components for this new project, reducing time and costs.


After several weeks of work, the team published the release candidate for the testing team. The testers executed their test suite on physical devices and AWS Device Farm, which provided the ability to test apps across an extensive range of real mobile devices.


  • The client was able to get their mobile app in a short time and reduce costs, thanks to 3XM’s knowledge and experience in this kind of project, which allowed the re-use of several components from the existing Web App (ReactJS). Also, due to our participation in early stages, we could design and build this mobile application fully integrated with the existing backend API. 
  • 3XM implemented, documented the solution and handed it over to the client providing the support needed to build, test and publish it in the target Android and iOS stores.


  • React Native 
  • JavaScript
  • AWS Device Farm
  • Postman collections
  • Adobe XD
  • Git