Our client is a young startup that has reimagined the bill payment and collection experience to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers. They were seeking to expand its text-to-pay platform by incorporating new payment methods for their users, such as Credit Card, Debit Card, and ACH transfers.


Bringing these new capabilities to the client involved extending their Python codebase to provide integrations with third-party payment gateways that connect to acquiring banks and card networks. Our software development experts conducted an analysis of their payment workflow and have designed, implemented, and tested a library that supported the selected payment providers, providing extensibility mechanisms to easily integrate new providers to the platform, using the same API. 


3XM Group was called in for their software development expertise in the payment processing domain to integrate external payment service providers into the client’s platform. This integration allowed their developers to focus on building the user experience. As a result, they were able to put the desired features in the hands of their users blazingly fast. Supporting more payment methods also made their product much more attractive to merchants, buyers, and service consumers overall. The abstractions provided by 3XM Group's experts also laid the foundation for effortlessly integrating new providers down the road.


  • Python
  • Django
  • GitLab CI