Our client is a media platform provider whose clients needed to enable end customers the possibility to make one-time or recurring money contributions/donations via electronic payment methods such as MercadoPago, Paypal, etc. The solution had to be easily extensible, facilitating the incorporation of new payment methods and the integration with different end customers.


As part of the proposed solution, 3XM Group developed a web service (API) that allows different media providers (our client’s clients) to integrate with this API and enable these payments. The API that 3XM developed was integrated with other APIs (MercadoPago, PayU, PayPal) to manage payments and in turn keep track of subscriptions, users, etc. to later provide reports on the status of customer payments, number of subscriptions and such.

The Contributions API was implemented using a serverless architecture with NodeJS running on AWS Lambdas, that were exposed through the AWS API Gateway. The data was stored in AWS DynamoDB, user management was implemented using AWS Cognito, and monitoring is handled with CloudWatch. The infrastructure was created using the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) paradigm, allowing its easy and quick deployment on AWS.


The solution provided by 3XM Group allowed the client to make available to their final clients a very simple integration mechanism to receive contributions on their platform, without having to worry about the different means of payment or its management.

The use of Infrastructure as Code allowed our client to rapidly deploy the independent solution for each of its clients, isolating infrastructure costs per client and providing a fully scalable solution.

Using Postman collections as a documentation medium also provided the customer with a simple and quick mechanism to test the solution.


  • Serverless
  • NodeJS
  • AWS
  • Lambdas
  • API Gateway
  • DynamoDB
  • Cognito
  • CloudWatch
  • Postman Collections