Software Development

3XM Group helps your business succeed by delivering high-quality technology solutions on-time and within scope. With 3XM, you get an entire team of cross-industry experts in software development


We provide expert advice and hands-on support in designing, building and maintaining your workloads in the Cloud to help you increase your productivity while optimizing your infrastructure and operational costs.


Our DevOps services bring automation to software development and deployments, giving you the peace-of-mind that you’re application environments will operate smoothly throughout any changes.


We provide security risk mitigation for cloud infrastructures and applications along with improved environment visibility and enhanced administration of workload risks.

Data Engineering

Our expert engineers make your business transformations possible by batching and analyzing your data in real time, and then producing actionable insights through predictive analytics and machine learning.



Agile Development Teams

The team you need, only better.
You can rely on 3XM Group to handle requirements gathering, software design, and development. We provide all of these services leveraging the Agile paradigm⎯with fast inter-operability and daily interactions with your domain experts.

Project-based Development

Going beyond development to deliver real solutions.
We offer solutions that match your specific business needs. Our proposals are straightforward⎯clearly documenting the deliverables, costs, time and scope. With each project, we also include an extensive analysis of your industry and the vision to find aspects upon which to improve beyond the challenges you present.

Managed Services

A world-class technology team with predictable costs.
3XM provides the services you need with a predictable cost structure. Whether you require outsourcing your entire IT function or just a fragment, we help your company improve productivity while enhancing customer experience and data security.

Technology Consulting

Assessments that solve problems.
3XM experts cover a wide range of technologies. Our assessments allow your company to identify the best solution for a given challenge that balances your time, cost and functionality requirements.

Staff Augmentation

Talented experts to complement your team.
You can add highly-skilled 3XM professionals to your IT team who will work exclusively for you. We assign dedicated and talented professionals backed by an entire team of cross-industry experts in DevOps, cloud, security and data engineering.




3XM is the best software development outsourcing company I've worked with. The high quality and velocity of their software development and devops is changing our company for the better. Additionally, their creativity and self initiative are adding value in ways not seen from previous outsourcing companies we've worked with.

Mike D. Kail
CTO @ Everest

There is a lot here. The 3XM team is not just a development team for us, the team actively participates in the process. Suggests new ideas, helps with architectural ideas and design. It is a very beneficial relationship for my company.

Jeremy Levin
Senior VP @ Digital Global System

I use 3XM Group to meet my client's needs because they are the best in the business. We are a Bain Capital–funded, global company serving world-class customers, including Comcast, Verizon and British Telecom. 3XM Group are leading data scientists, who excel equally at data analytics and integration and infrastructure, virtualization and networking technology such as Cisco, Juniper and Arisco. In short, their work produces tremendous value for our clients.

Rodney Pritchett
Director, Professional Services @ SevOne

Capsol provides protection to some of the most at-risk members of society from suicide, violence, sexual assault and bullying. Using technology developed with 3XM Group, we prevent and mitigate what could become dangerous situations. 3XM Group is delightful to work with; as our technology advisors and facilitators, they enabled us to perform complex analytics, providing solutions that our customers depend on for their safety.

Steve Birdsall
Co-Founder @ Capsol

Working across the full software stack, from application development to data analytics, modeling, and implementation, the team at 3XM Group makes sure DGS provides a quality product that helped us to be named CIO's 10 Most Promising Critical Infrastructure Protection Providers of 2018. 3XM Group are an incredible team of top-notch talent who drive excellence throughout our organization. I highly recommend them.

Fernando Murias
CEO @ Digital Global Systems

AWS Architects from the 3XM team are some of the best we’ve worked with. They have great skills, great attitudes and they represent what we need for Spinakr’s business to deliver quality solutions for our clients.

Matthew McGaughey
CEO & Founder @ Spinakr


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